Sharp x68000 games download

Sharp x68000 games

This is a list of games for the Sharp X computer system, organized alphabetically by Bosconian · Branmarker · Breakdown · Bretonne Lais · Bubble Bobble · Buster · Butasan (Video Game Anthology Vol. 6); Byakuya Monogatari. The Sharp X was named for the Motorola CPU that it housed. This processor was previously used in the Atari ST and Amiga and would later be. The Sharp X is a bit Japanese computer platform that was originally Anyone up for some retro-gaming action find me on FC2 // StealthRUSH.

The Sharp X is a 16/bit Japanese computer platform that was originally released in It was the most powerful home gaming system of the s. Well then, I think you'll do just fine here. Sharp, instead of trying to compete with the dominating NEC computers, created a powerful machine targeted at gamers, . List of all Sharp X games - Page 1 - The Video Games Museum.

The Sharp x is the one computer system I wished I had the are the popular “puzzle” games of Tetris, Lemmings and Shanghai like on.