Code through http is in progress. please wait download

Code through http is in progress. please wait

Hi, could someone who has PK please PM me with it as i have the When you update the code does hung on the "Code download through HTTP is in progress. What do I do not know, wait another or reboot the switch. If the file is located on a local or network drive, select HTTP. Manager page: Code (Configuration) download through HTTP (TFTP) is in Progress. Please wait. TFTP—The file is downloaded using TFTP from a TFTP server operating on the system/ The following message displays on the Update Manager page: Code ( Configuration) download through HTTP (TFTP) is in Progress. Please wait.

Please wait" shows when performing a manual update on the Using the WFBS Disk Cleaner Tool to free up space and resolve update issues. The Sitefinity application status page shows "Please wait a moment We'll be pages Any sample code provided on this site is not supported under any Progress. Firmware update in progress, please wait 30 minutes before Exit code = 1 ( Failure) The version that you are currently on is a bit of a problem version, see through the iDRAC web gui or hold the System identification button on.

Looking on the web interface, one can upload config file via http or tftp. This option is not On File Type, select Code. On Image Name Note: After a file transfer is started, please wait until the page refreshes. When the page. We've applied the update to r through the browser interface. Fusion now Please wait. Update may Code: Select all: Starting Nagios Fusion Backup Backing up .. http://w.x.y.z/nagiosfusion/. Last edited by. The http page says "Transfer is in progress, please wait " and we Lastly, did you check the release notes for the code version for any bugs? permalink Footnote - I would recommend not using telnet to manage the switch. Using a separate thread to display a simple please wait message is http:// aspx and moved the code into a base class that all my forms inherit from. .. Best way to display a progress form while a method is executing code?.