Action potential simulation download

Action potential simulation

Stimulate a neuron and monitor what happens. Pause, rewind, and move forward in time in order to observe the ions as they move across the neuron. Objective. 1) Understanding the different stages of action potential and the biophysical explanation behind the generation of action potential. Neurons were . MetaNeuron, a neuron simulation program, is an effective interactive tool Keywords: Neurophysiology, neuron, simulation, action potential.

This simulator will simulate the action potential when a current with different parameters is injected into an axon. The model by A. L. Hodgkin. action potential generates. We also explored the effect that temperature brings to the ion gate conductance, especially on sodium and potassium. Simulation. To help students visualize the factors influencing the action potential Education Technology group to develop a neuronal simulation (sim).

The simulation uses the squid giant axon as an experimental system in which to explore and explain the Hodgkin-Huxley model of action potential initiation and. We will discuss how to model and simulate the action potential stochastically. models and simulation methods essential for understanding the neural code.